Software development services

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Whether you need an MVP to validate your business idea, or you are a CTO looking to find a reliable partner to outsource software development or app maintenance workload, we are here to help.

We provide custom application development services with a team of experienced native and cross-platform mobile app developers, React web app developers, and AWS & Google Cloud ready backenders.

OrangeLoops services companies around the world. We take pride in taking excellent care of our clients as we aim to build transparent and long-term relationships.

Mobile Services

Mobile App Development

We are seasoned mobile developers capable of building apps either with native Objective-C/Swift/Kotlin technologies or cross-platform with React Native. Our senior mobile devs have been working in the area since the iPad came along back in 2010, developing stunning iOS and Android apps.

Web Services

Web App Development

We work hard to create enhanced web experiences. Our web app development relies on modern JavaScript frameworks such as React.js, technologies we have been working with for the past six years.

Backend Services

Backend & Architecture

We provide microservices architectures deployed on the cloud or your premises, implementing data-intensive behaviors or integrations with third-party platforms.

Design Services

UX/UI Design

Our UX/UI designers work seamlessly with you to deliver a stunning design and a smooth experience that will wow your users.