Loog Guitars

Loog Guitars is a US-based company focused on manufacturing guitars designed for a better musical learning experience, especially for children.

The challenge

Loog creates guitars smaller than your typical guitar, with only three strings, making it easier for kids to learn how to play this instrument.

They had an iOS & Android mobile app that supported this learning process with a guitar tuner, games, and lessons. Then, they came up with the idea of implementing a "magic mirror" feature to show users where to place their fingers on guitar chords.

Here's where OrangeLoops comes in.

Guitars from Loog

Our solution

To address the challenge of building a magic mirror feature into their app, we leveraged mainly two technologies: Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR).

First, we applied Machine Learning to identify the fingerboard of the Loog guitar. Next, we used AR to mark the correct position of the chords with virtual dots.

Our team worked closely with the client, delivering an AR feature that exceeded their expectations and ran seamlessly both on their iOS & Android app.

Loog guitar learning app App development process

The result

By using the device's front camera as a mirror, the app recognizes the guitar neck and displays where to place your fingers to play chords in real-time. It's similar to the way Instagram or Snapchat AR filters work.

The app's new AR feature received very positive feedback and reviews from the users, who can now learn guitar in a more fun and immersive way.

Loog Guitars app with AR

What they say about us

What made them such a strong partner was their mix of technical and business savvy. They had a pretty integrated idea of the product that they'd created versus the commercial implications and opportunities open because of that new technology.

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