CanadaGoGreen is a Canadian manufacturer of solar-powered attic vents that's been providing solutions for house air circulation issues for over a decade.

The challenge

CanadaGoGreen's vents are a solution for air circulation problems in houses.

These vents allow keeping a living space cool, especially during summer. Moreover, they keep attics dry and help prevent mold from growing in the winter.

CanadaGoGreen wanted to develop a mobile app that could help their team with the installation of attic vents, connecting and retrieving data from a sensor they use in the process.

Here is where OrangeLoops comes in.

CanadaGoGreen solar powered vents

Our solution

We assigned a team of 3 developers and a Project Manager to build a cross-platform mobile app for iOS & Android with React Native.

Our team did extensive research on how their custom-made sensor worked, focusing on Bluetooth connectivity and handling of data retrieval.

CanadaGoGreen attic vent CanadaGoGreen vent

The result

We developed a mobile app from the ground up that connects with CanadaGoGreen's custom sensor to evaluate the conditions of a specific area, including temperature and humidity.

Based on this information, the app helps the installers place the solar-powered attic vent that best fits the space.

We also prepared clear documentation and technical presentations of our initial research and the codebase we built. That way, they got every detail of the job.

CanadaGoGreen React Native app

What they say about us

I’ve worked with a couple of providers before OrangeLoops, and their level of transparency stands out. I can see everything they’re doing.

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